Bharath Raaj Foundation is formed on a mission to nurturing the youth of North East and to guide them in their respective fields to help them in achieving their dreams and to build a brighter furture.

This foundation is eager to help the future of North East from every nook and corner irrespective of their skills in Sports,culuture as well as education.

As the founder itself is a well known astrologer and Prominent Taekwondo player cum coach, it will be great boost for the youth to work with him for attaining their goals.

There are millions and billions of people in this world. In our lifetime we come across lakhs of people. Everyday we meet different people with different nature, character and attitudes. But among them there are some people who are capable of making a place in our heart and in our mind with their personality. Their skills and qualities compel us to remember them forever. It seems they are born to be successful and achieve their extreme heights of success in their fields.Bharath Raaj is such a person whose rich personality and abundant potentialities made a lasting effect in the society and in the hearts of the people. Jotting about him in just a few words is not enough to describe about such a personality. These lines would only be a humble attempt in that behalf. Here is a young man of boundless energy who had started his journey as an Astrologer twelve years back. The urge to serve the society who is in need of such service was burning within him ever as a child. However, after his Graduation he made his study in Astrology to fulfill his wish to serve the people. One by one he successfully got laurels in his degrees of Astrology. It will be worth mentioning to say that he is a Jyotish Ratna, Jyotish Bhusan, Jyotish Pravakar, Jyotish Shastraccharyya, Numerologists, Vastu-Consultant, Palm Reader and also a Consultant of Gems, Yantras, & Rudraksh. A Gold Medalist in this field he made Astrological Spiritualism his prime most missions and has been carrying forward this force firmly in his hands. He served as an Astrologer in various parts of the nation like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Orissa, etc, besides Assam and West Bengal. Not bounding his service only in the national level he has enlightened the masses internationally also. Many people from United States of America, Canada, Philippines and Pakistan have been guided by the light of Astrological Spiritualism prescribed by him. He has made his history in various leading Television Channels of Assam also.

He has made a distinction of success in the Television Channels world by conducting so many Astrological programmes at a time. His prescription reaches the general people and guides them in various sectors like Career, Family, Business Problems, Education, Health etc. This young blood is presently working on the awareness of Astrology and its importance in our day to day life among the masses in a broad sense. Bharath Raaj has inculcated versatility and multifarious skills and qualities in his personality. Rarely do we come across such a personality multifaceted personality in our day to day life. We will be startled to know that he is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. He won the Taekwondo World Champion in the year 2000 at Dublin, Ireland conducted by AIMAA’S (Action International Martial Art Association) one of the biggest competitive event of Taekwondo. He brought glory to his country and his state by winning the Gold Medal in the Group Event and Silver in Individual Fighting. Besides this, he won many championships in State and National Levels during his time. He also choreographed innumerable Taekwon Do demonstrations in his National and State Level Competitions for his state Assam. In his leadership, his team got much recognition for his unique demonstrations and his whole-hearted dedication towards Taekwon Do, his team and towards his students. Presently, this Taekwondo star is the Founder President, Technical Director & Chief Instructor of Taekwondo Association of Assam. He is also an Action Choreographer. He thrilled us many times through his action choreography in many of the Assamese films. Along with it he is also an Actor. He acted in the Assamese films which are really worth mentioning. There are people who acquire knowledge just for the sake of gaining knowledge but there are people who achieve the heights success and have the fortune to enjoy the rainbow of achievement from all their knowledge they acquire. Bharath Raaj is just a package of skills and potentialities. Astrology along with Taekwon Do parallely Action Choreography and also maintaining himself as an Actor really startles us and boggles our mind and compels us to spend some time in shocking moments thinking about this unique personality. Maintaining four different sectors in four different ways and also achieving such heights success at such an advanced age really makes him exceptionally brilliant from us. Pre-occupation with all these things leave hardly any time for his personal comfort and conveniences. But this young man with great zeal and enthusiasm is carrying all these occupations of him parallely, continuing life with his busy schedule and going on achieving laurels in his fields. Lastly, describing about such a personality in such a few words is not enough but still going through the above the upcoming young generation gathers a lot of inspiration from him and his works.